Degrowth policies are very popular! 74% of people want to replace capitalism with the wellbeing economy!

Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2023 12:01:19 -0500
From: Degrowth Collective <degrowthco

Dear community leaders,

Degrowth policies are very popular! A recent survey commissioned for the Club of Rome asked 20000 people in G20 countries if they wanted to transform economic systems to prioritize well-being, health, and protection of the planet over a singular focus on profit and economic growth. The answer was a resounding “Yes.” Among G20 countries, 74% of people support the idea that their country’s economic priorities should move beyond profit and increasing wealth and focus more on human wellbeing and ecological protection.

Across the G20, three in five people (58%) are “extremely worried” or “very worried” about the current state of the planet. Even more are concerned about the future. Concern is at its highest level among: women (62%), young people aged 25 to 34 (60%), those educated, high earners, and people who identify more as global citizens than those who have a very strong national identity.

Three in four people (73%) believe Earth is edging closer to tipping points because of human action. Those living in places close to large, vital ecosystems currently under attack from development, like Indonesia and Brazil’s rainforests, are most aware.

Do people want to become better planetary stewards? Are people willing to do more to protect nature and the climate? Again, the answer is a resounding, “Yes” (83%). So most people across the world’s largest economies do indeed want to do more to protect and restore nature. But that does not mean that they are willing to pay the bill.

Polls in Europe show that the majority of people prioritize well-being and ecological objectives over growth.

Polls in the United States and the United Kingdom show support for job guarantees and working-time reductions

You can find resources, such as books and articles about degrowth, in our discord server: ttps://

You can see highlights of degrowth policies and join our regular mailing list here:

Change is coming!

Yours truly,

Vlad Bunea

Founder of Degrowth Collective

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