How Today’s Technology Can Save Our Climate and Clean Our Air

No Miracles Needed
How Today’s Technology Can Save Our Climate and Clean Our Air
CAD$16.95 (T)

Author: Mark Z. Jacobson, Stanford University, California

Date Published: February 2023 : Paperback
isbn: 9781009249546

The world needs to turn away from fossil fuels and use clean, renewable sources of energy as soon as we can. Failure to do so will cause catastrophic climate damage sooner than you might think, leading to loss of biodiversity and economic and political instability. But all is not lost! We still have time to save the planet without resorting to ‘miracle’ technologies. We need to wave goodbye to outdated technologies, such as natural gas and carbon capture, and repurpose the technologies that we already have at our disposal. We can use existing technologies to harness, store, and transmit energy from wind, water, and solar sources to ensure reliable electricity, heat supplies, and energy security. Find out what you can do to improve the health, climate, and economic state of our planet. Together, we can solve the climate crisis, eliminate air pollution and safely secure energy supplies for everyone.

Lays out the framework for how to solve the climate, air pollution and energy security problems of our times, including an honest analysis of what we should not be doing
Shares up-to-date information on the technologies available to solve these problems, providing actionable solutions to help fight the climate crisis
Provides suggestions on what individuals, communities and nations can do to solve energy issues, helping the reader take steps to save our planet
Explores the implications of the policies needed to fight climate change, providing insights into the current landscape and the solutions available

Length: 454 pages

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