The Commons Transition and P2P | Some links

This Commons Transition Primer website contains new and adapted texts by P2P Foundation members, including its founder, Michel Bauwens. As part of an ongoing multimedia project/campaign, their intention with this site is to make the P2P Foundation’s core ideas on the Commons and P2P accessible, attractive and shareable for commoners and communities worldwide.


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Is the NYT really the voice of “intelligent” capital?

My rant for the day!

The NYT likes to think of itself as the voice of intelligent capitalism. Articles like these show just how deep in the sand (or shit) their heads are.

See also Bloomberg’s article on the Oxfam report to Davos
World Inequality Grows Amid Glut of New Billionaires, Oxfam Says

Of course Bloomberg, another voice of “intelligent” capital, didn’t post a link to the Oxfam report so you could see for yourself what they say!

Aaron Vansintjan’s blog post forwarded earlier today is a welcome critique of this worship of growth.

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Degrowth and Environmental Justice Summer School 2018

The summer school is designated for academics as well as for activist-researchers from multiple disciplines and diverse geographical backgrounds. We welcome applications from Masters students, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers and community defenders and local activists from across the world. Deadline for applications is March 1, 2018.

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The shitty new communist futurism – ENTITLE blog

By Aaron Vansintjan

Let us dream big. But without considering the limits to the shit we consume and generate, our heads will stay in the clouds.

I would concede that, in North America, a degrowth platform may be political suicide.

The main ‘big idea’ is that we need ‘big ideas’; this leads its proponents to reflexively reject the possibility that having less may be visionary, too.

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The Catalan Integral Cooperative – The Simpler Way Revolution is Well Underway! – Resilience

By Ted Trainer, January 17, 2018

This is a remarkable and inspiring movement in Spain, now involving hundreds of people in what I regard as an example of The Simpler Way transition strategy … which is primarily about going underneath the conventional economy to build our own new collective economy to meet community needs, turning our backs on and deliberately undermining and eventually replacing both the capitalist system and control by the state.

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Who will feed a changing world — industrial agriculture or peasant food webs?

Industrial agriculture uses 75% of farm land but delivers only 30% of the world’s food. Peasant farmers feed 70% of the world’s people using just 25% of the land.

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A Toolkit for Establishing a Great Lakes Commons | P2P Foundation

The Great Lakes Commons is a regional grassroots initiative advocating for the freshwater chain of lakes in the upper Midwest and Mideast parts of the U.S. and Canada. As part of that mission, the group has released a new toolkit designed to help communities and residents protect the lakes, which its members view as a public, natural resource. The kit is a mix of traditional advocacy tools, policy statements, historical documents, and educational resources. It’s organized around Indigenous, commons and modern environmentalist ideas.

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