Degrowth: A dangerous idea or the answer to the world’s biggest problems? | CNN Business

London CNN Business — Conventional economic logic hinges on a core assumption: Bigger economies are better, and finding ways to maintain or boost growth is paramount to improving society.

But what if growth is at best doing little to fix the world’s problems, and at worst fostering the destruction of the planet and jeopardizing its future?

That’s the radical message from the “degrowth” movement, which has spent decades on the political fringes with its warning that limitless growth needs to end. Now, after the pandemic gave people in some parts of the world a chance to rethink what makes them happy, and as the scale of change necessary to address the climate crisis becomes clearer, its ideas are gaining more mainstream recognition — even as anxiety builds over what could be a painful global recession.

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Barcelona students to take mandatory climate crisis module from 2024 | Barcelona | The Guardian

All students at the University of Barcelona will have to take a mandatory course on the climate crisis after the establishment agreed to meet the demands of activists conducting a sit-in occupation. In a move thought to be a world first, all 14,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students will have to take the course from the 2024 academic year. It will also devise a training programme on climate issues for its 6,000 academic staff. The announcement came after a seven-day occupation by a group from the anti-fossil fuel organisation End Fossil Barcelona. “To recognise that we all have to study this marks a change in the paradigm of university education,” said Federico Demaria, an economics professor at the university and one of 200 who backed the students’ demands.

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NYTimes: Herman Daly, 84, Who Challenged the Economic Gospel of Growth, Dies

Perhaps the best-known ecological economist, he faulted his mainstream peers for failing to account for the environmental harm growth can bring.

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NYTimes: Draft Report Offers Starkest View Yet of U.S. Climate Threats

The effects of climate change are already “far-reaching and worsening” throughout all regions in the United States, posing profound risks to virtually every aspect of society, whether it’s drinking water supplies in the Midwest or small businesses in the Southeast, according to a draft scientific report being circulated by the federal government.

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COP27: Fiddling while the world burns | Climate & Capitalism

COP 27, which meets from the 6th – 18th November 2022, unfolds against a backdrop of growing climate chaos and ecological degradation. As this latest COP approaches, economic recession, increased poverty and war run alongside the multiple interlinked and inseparable crises of climate, environment, extinction and zoonotic diseases. We now face a global economic recession likely to be deeper even than that of 2008.

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Degrowth cartoons

For more degrowth cartoons visit

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Prime Minister flies to Maritimes

Prime Minister Trudeau to fly to Canada’s maritime provinces today, dumping more carbon into the atmosphere to encourage future climate catastrophies.

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Guardian: Growth kills millions in china

Although China imposed the world’s strictest lockdowns to protect its people from Covid-19, the deadly impact from non-communicable diseases is much less well understood and threatens to kill tens of millions of Chinese in the coming decades without tougher public health policies.

China has been transformed in recent decades by an economic miracle that has seen rapid industrialisation and the transfer of hundreds of millions of people from the countryside to towns and cities.

This enormous change has lifted multitudes out of poverty and given them a better standard of living than they enjoyed in rural areas. But along with higher wages and urban living have come “western” diseases such as cancer linked to very high rates of smoking, and diabetes and heart disease thanks to a richer diet, lack of exercise and high blood pressure.

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Climate Devastation and Fossil Fuel Profits – The Bullet

What do Pakistan, Puerto Rico, and Jackson, Mississippi, have in common? They’ve all recently experienced climate-related catastrophic rains and flooding, resulting in the loss of homes, electricity, and running water. But, even more importantly, they are all low-income regions inhabited by people of color – the prime victims of climate injustice. They face inaction from negligent governments and struggle to survive as fossil fuel companies reap massive profits – a status quo that United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has called a “moral and economic madness.”

According to the Associated Press, “Oil companies in July reported unprecedented profits of billions of dollars per month. ExxonMobil posted three months profits of $17.85-billion, Chevron of $11.62-billion, and Shell of $11.5-billion.”

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Food Barons 2022 | ETC Group

ETC Group’s 2022 update of corporate concentration offers a snapshot of the world’s Food Barons – the biggest players up and down the industrial food and agriculture chain. We examine the leading corporations that control each of 11 key industrial “agrifood” sectors: seeds, agrochemicals, livestock genetics, synthetic fertilizers, farm machinery, animal pharmaceuticals, commodity traders, food processors, Big Meat, grocery retail and food delivery. Rankings are based on 2020 sales figures.

[Their] findings show that many agrifood sectors are now so “top heavy” they are controlled by just four to six dominant firms, enabling these companies to wield enormous influence over markets, agricultural research and policy-development, which undermines food sovereignty.

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