This summer is so packed, it should go on holiday

An abundance of degrowth-related events will be taking place this summer. There is something for everyone. We hope you will make the right pick!

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The Commons Transition and P2P: a Primer

The Commons is a concept and practice that has been steadily gathering increased attention and advocates. Deeply rooted in human history, it’s difficult to settle on a single definition that covers its broad potential for social, economic, cultural and political change. The Commons is now demonstrating its power as a “key ingredient” for change in diverse locations and contexts around the world. The P2P Foundation, with its particular focus on the relationship of the Commons and P2P practices, is supporting this Commons transition by helping to share knowledge and develop tools to create common value and facilitate open, participatory input across society.

Download the 52 page primer directly at the Transnational Institute web site

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Hope For Imagining a World Beyond Corporate Control | P2P Foundation

This post originally appeared in On The Commons. An excerpt from the recent book SOS: Alternatives to Capitalism (New Internationalist Publications).

Finding ways to democratically control our common wealth, from Quebec to India

Richard Swift: The commons is not just a battlefield between corporate predators and those who resist them – it is also a source of hope for those willing to imagine a world beyond capitalism. It represents a space between the private market and the political state in which humanity can control and democratically root our common wealth. Both the market and the state have proved inadequate for this purpose. In different ways, they have both led to a centralization of power and decision-making. Both private monopolies and state bureaucracies have proved incapable of maintaining the ecological health of the commons or managing the fair and equitable distribution of its benefits.

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Boell Podcast – The great transition – Alternative paths for a better and climate just future

In this podcast series, we’ve looked at different strategies to address climate change… In this final episode, we will take a look at the broader transformations that are necessary… In this episode we hear from Barbara Muraca and Ashish Kothari why we need to question our growth driven mental infrastructures and how a good life for all is possible on a finite planet.

See also for the other episodes!

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Nine Key Political Propositions for Building the Commons | P2P Foundation

The following piece is extracted from a series of reviews on Common: An Essay on Revolution in the 21st Century, a book by Pierre Dardot and Christian Laval, from which Martin O’Shaughnessy summarizes the authors´ nine political propositions:

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Commons Transition and P2P | Transnational Institute

The Commons, as an idea and practice, has emerged as a new social, political and economic dynamic. Along with the market and the state, the Commons is a third mode of societal organization. The Commons and Peer to Peer (P2P) together form a system based on the practices and needs of civil society and the environment it inhabits, evolving away from obsolete, centrally planned systems or the competitive dictates of market economies. But what are the Commons and P2P, and how do they interrelate? This Primer explores these concepts.

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New Catalan political space: one hurdle cleared on the road to left unity

May 7, 2017 –– Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal –– The struggle to build a Catalan political force inspiring the level of support and activism needed to implement radical social change took a step forward in Barcelona on April 8, when the new “political subject” provisionally called Un País en Comú (“A Country Together”) held its founding congress.

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