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Barcelona Party Pledges to Print Money – WSJ

One of the main contenders in this weekend’s local elections in Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city, recently made an eye-catching pledge: To create a new currency for the metropolitan area. There have been a number of experiments with alternative currency in … Continue reading

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Tweeting with ‘the enemy’

Giorgos Kallis Well, that was an interesting week! After publishing two rebuttals of the ecomodernist manifesto of the Breakthrough Institute, I got swirled into twitterlandia, and exchanges with an amazing cadre of characters.

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The Sins of Angelenos – California & Climate Change

Héctor Tobar: A native of Los Angeles, I am significantly more responsible for global warming than your average resident of planet Earth. We pioneered an energy-guzzling lifestyle for the masses and taught the world to follow our lead. Now a … Continue reading

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