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The Traffic Hierarchy – Automobility – The Bullet

A good overview of one of the obstacles to degrowth. One is not born a motorist, one becomes one. Mobility and class are deeply entangled. Not only because one’s potential for mobility often has to do with one’s economic position, … Continue reading

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Redefining consumption. Part two: moving away from consumerism? | IDDRI

The environmental criticism levelled at consumption is often coupled with criticism of its adverse impact on society and lifestyles. F. Trentmann looks at two recurrent criticisms of consumption as a factor in the devitalisation of society.

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[A sweeping review of theoretical and geopolitical issues which, whether you agree with him or even understand all of it, I found immensely stimulating. Thanks to the Transnational Institute for bringing this to my attention. Bob] The original interview with … Continue reading

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Life on the Left: The Limits of Capitalism

That the over-shoot of planetary ecosystem boundaries is a limit to capitalism — and to human population growth and consumption — like no limit we have faced before, is what the global movement of school-strikers is trying to tell us. … Continue reading

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Bernie’s Green New Deal Stands Out, and Now Labor Must Step Up – The Bullet

An interesting overview of Sander’s GND proposals vs others. No mention of degrowth or post growth however! Bob Bernie’s Green New Deal is the real deal. It is very different from the Green New Deal proposals of other leading Democratic … Continue reading

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Two futures of food and farming

Contrary to the myth that small farmers should we wiped out because they are unproductive, and we should leave our food future in the hands of the Poison Cartel – with surveillance drones and spyware – small farmers are providing … Continue reading

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Food in 2050: bacon grown on blades of grass and bioreactor chicken nuggets

In 2004, the Guardian correctly predicted that the developed world’s overreliance on meat would be one of the most pressing issues for the survival of our species The west’s overconsumption of meat and dairy continues to fuel global warming. Livestock … Continue reading

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