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David de Ugarte: A critique of degrowth

A bound to be controversial piece which I found via Michel Bauwen’s blog The degrowth arguments form a unique fabric of classic, yet socially widespread, fallacies. Together, they form an argumentative fabric as false as it is seductive, which is … Continue reading

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Searching for NGO/Civil Society Radicalism in a Corporate Age

A review by Gus Speth of “Protest Inc: The Corporatization of Activism” As national and international challenges mount across the full spectrum of human affairs, and as more and more acute observers conclude that the problems we face trace back … Continue reading

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People’s Climate March – New York September 21st – Largest Climate March in World History

EcoWatch | July 30, 2014 A spirited press conference in Times Square today launched the People’s Climate March, the largest climate action in world history. Scheduled for Sept. 21 in New York City, the People’s Climate March will coincide with … Continue reading

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Can companies do better by doing less?

From the Guardian Sustainable Business section. Despite the title this is a good overview and not just corporate spin, is inspired by Barcelona’s Research & Degrowth, and promotes the Leipzig conference. Why ‘degrowth’ – a sustainable alternative to traditional growth-based … Continue reading

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