Can Korea Save the Global Economy? – FPIF

John Feffer – Foreign Policy In Focus.

Growth associated with innovation would not likely create a lot of jobs or spread its benefits widely, at least judging by what has happened over the last decade or so in Silicon Valley. There is another more radical option. South Korea can reinvent itself. It can redefine growth away from reliance on such statistics as GDP and instead link prosperity to environmental sustainability, income equality, cultural expression, community health, and individual freedom. It could stress well-being, a concept that already has wide currency in Korean culture.

This would not be an easy transformation. The chaebols would have to redefine their mission. The government would have to take its foot off the gas pedal. And Koreans would have to retire the ppali-ppali spirit.

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Monbiot on consumerism and extinction

People who would never dream of killing an albatross or a whale shark are prepared to let others do so on their behalf, so that they may eat whatever fish they fancy. People who could not bring themselves to gut a chicken are happy to commission the disposal of entire ecosystems. On the Guardian’s website you can read about the global collapse of tuna populations – then, in a recipe published the following day, learn how to prepare a tuna salad, without a word about the implications.

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Looking back at the Budapest degrowth conference and the Degrowth Summer School

The 5th International Degrowth Conference in Budapest and the Degrowth Summer School have ended. Time to look back at these events and see what we can take home from them.

The Degrowth Germany editing team

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Geographies of Degrowth – April 5-9 2017, Boston, MA

American Association of Geographers meeting – call for papers

*Organizers: Giorgos Kallis (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Karen Bakker (University of British Columbia), Federico Demaria (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

A movement of activists and intellectuals in France, southern Europe, and beyond has given the name “décroissance”
(degrowth) to its vision for an alternative to capitalist socioecological relations. Degrowth signifies a ruthless critique of the ideology of economic growth and of its material effects, as well as a search for alternatives beyond a ‘one-way future consisting only of growth’ (Le Guin, 1982). Degrowth draws from the postdevelopment and antiutilitarianism literatures, Georgescu-Roegen’s understanding of the economy as an entropic process, and post-Marxist intersections of socialism, anarchism and ecology.

We are particularly interested in papers that address one or more of the following topics (see the indicative list linked here)

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Five Take-Homes from the Degrowth Conference in Budapest |

15. September 2016

By Steffen Lange

The fifth international Degrowth Conference is over, the call to host the sixth has been opened. A lot could be said about the conference, yet I do not intend to give a comprehensive overview, nor examine how it stands in relation with the former conferences. Instead, I want to share five aspects of the conference, which I found particularly insightful.

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Right-to-Repair Activists are Heroes | P2P Foundation

The only function of “intellectual property” is to snatch scarcity from the jaws of abundance — to take goods that, thanks to the advance of human knowledge, should naturally be getting cheaper, and make them artificially expensive. This is nowhere more evident than in the war corporations are fighting against their own customers’ right to repair the items they purchase. Fortunately, as Emily Matchar points out at Smithsonian (“The Fight for the ‘Right to Repair,’” July 13), there are activists fighting for the right to repair.

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6th international degrowth conference videos

In case you missed the fantastic 5th Int #Degrowth Conference, here you can find the keynote speeches and others


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