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Rights of Indigenous Peoples ‘Critical’ to Combat Climate Change | Other News

ROME, Jul 25 2016 (IPS) – No longer it is about restoring the legitimate rights of over 370 indigenous peoples spread across 70 countries worldwide, many of them living in dire situation, but now about their central, critical role in … Continue reading

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Documentary: Building Communities of Commons in Greece | P2P Foundation

A documentary on networks in Sarantaporo area produced by the media arts collective Personal Cinema: “Sarantaporo area, situated at the North of Greece, is an agricultural and husbandry region, also hit by the crisis. But even prior to the crisis, … Continue reading

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The Degrowth Alternative: The Great Transition debate – February 2015

Degrowth is a “missile concept” to open up a debate silenced by the “sustainable development” consensus. The lively debate triggered by my viewpoint suggests it is doing well. Here I will respond to five overarching critiques, clarifying and advancing the … Continue reading

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Shann Turnbull on Establishing Sustainable Units of Value – P2P Foundation

An interesting note on monetary policy in a post growth economy. And another interesting P2P Foundation source ( a Wiki). Bob “The purpose of this note is to suggest how to connect the value of money to the natural environment … Continue reading

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Lessons in Viking Economics |

George Lakey’s new book, Viking Economics explains how the Nordic countries achieved created their egalitarian society and high standard of living.

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From Argentina and Brazil to Turkey and Kurdistan, despite any cultural and social differences, occupied factories and work collectives represent an act of resistance against the depreciation of labour power and the destruction of productive structures, a response to unemployment … Continue reading

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Degrowth and social movement(s) |

From Degrowth Germany What common proposals, but also which contradictions, oppositions and tensions exist between the degrowth movement and other social movements? What alliances could be possible? In 32 essays, representatives of different social movements, currents or initiatives discuss these … Continue reading

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