Decolonize Wall Street – Who are the 99 Percent?

IPS: Kanya D’Almeida, WASHINGTON, Oct 31

While the Occupy movements sweeping the U.S. have become almost synonymous with democracy, consensus-based processes, human microphones and other symbols of unity, many populations in the country have felt isolated by the language and tactics of the movement. Immigrants have struggled to participate, since the occupations have taken place almost exclusively in urban centres, while huge swathes of immigrants work in rural, agricultural locations… [Indigenous peoples are welcoming but have issues with language and tactics.] “Most people don’t want to confront the basic fact that we indigenous peoples were the first victims of all the treachery that’s going on around here (on Wall Street),” Joseph, a member of the American Indian movement, told IPS… “To occupy means to hold space, and I think a group of anti-capitalists holding space on Wall Street is powerful, but I do wish the NYC movement would change its name to ‘decolonise Wall Street’ to take into account history, indigenous critiques, people of colour and imperialism,”

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