The specter of geoengineering haunts the Paris climate agreement

Another good critique of COP21. More “fuel for the fire” of slowcialism and convivial degrowth. (Yes I know “fuel for the fire” is a gross misuse of a metaphor here. I put it in to highlight the depth of the “cultural narrative” which we face in proposing radical alternatives.)

Although the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) Agreement was described by negotiators and the media as ambitious and historic,[1] the document is actually little more than a statement of intent that confirms the target set in Copenhagen in 2009: to keep the temperature rise this century to less than 2°C above the pre-industrial level. Under pressure from the most threatened countries, the Paris deal adds a hope to keep the increase under 1.5°C, a goal already envisaged in 2010, at the Cancun COP. Worse, to avoid challenging the fossil fuel profiteers, the Paris negotiators bet on untested and dangerous geoengineering technologies.

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