Reuters NEXT: Capitalism plans a post Covid future

Sorry to bother those of you who may have received several notices of this post to the web site. I have tried to just send a link to the Reuters web page, but for some reason the link will not appear. Originally the link that I received as a subscriber to their site included code that opened a form which contained my personal information already filled out. I didn’t want to spread that all over the internet and have tried to post just a link to their own site. However WordPress will not post the link. I tried to enter simple text without the http header but WordPress censored that as well. I also tried sending completely separate words instead of the internet address but WordPress has censored that as well. Here is another attempt.

Outline of an online conference planned for January 11-14

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1 Response to Reuters NEXT: Capitalism plans a post Covid future

  1. Eric Langshaw says:

    Bob We never did find a working link, however we did find the article on Al Jazeera. It was a very worthwhile read. Many thanks for putting us on to this.

    Rosemary and Eric

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