Cities are falling out of love with parking lots

They are gray and rectangular, and if you laid all 2 billion of them together they would cover an area roughly the size Connecticut, about 5,500 square miles. Parking lots have a monotonous ubiquity in US life, but a growing band of cities and states are now refusing to force more on people, arguing that they harm communities and inflame the climate crisis.

Faced with a public used to navigating car-centric cities with ample parking at amenities from strip malls to concert halls, cities typically have zoning laws demanding at least one parking space per apartment built, one per 300 square feet of commercial development, and one per 100 square feet for restaurants.

These stipulations have helped concrete over huge chunks of America—there are between three and six car parking spaces per car in the US, numbering up to 2 billion in total, according to some estimates. In much of the US, more space is devoted to parking than housing—in Jackson, Wyoming, for example, parking spaces outnumber homes 27 to 1,

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