This year, I didn’t buy anything …

On the occasion of Buy Nothing Day, the Quebec Network for Voluntary Simplicity launches its campaign “A gift never-the-less.”

For ecological reasons, financial, ideological or otherwise, it may be that you’re reluctant to participate in the big shopping spree preceding the holiday season. It may also be that you’re more or less limited in your ability to participate in gift exchanges. Or you simply want to celebrate differently, expressing your gratitude, your friendship or your love to those around you.

In this sense, we propose this year that you replace at least one of your purchases with an “alternative” gift. The principle is simple. Although we do not always admit it, usually we set a price limit for gifts we offer. So this Christmas, choose a person on your list and convert the amount of money you are willing to spend to buy a gift, to a gift of your time. For example, for $100 you might give 5 hours. Then, offer them your services for this time.

You’ll quickly see, when you think about it, we quickly find things that would be much appreciated by the recipient: child care, help with homework, a hand in sprucing up, painting, moving, support during an outing, sewing, cooking, repairs, gardening, language courses, computers, plumbing …

Put your skills, your knowledge, your experience, your education, your talents to work. You’re invited to show your participation by clicking “Like” on the Facebook page of the campaign

( and enter your comments there.

This year, you could say to someone:

I didn’t buy anything, but I’m still giving a gift.

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