Yes, we can prosper without growth – 10 proposals

By Giorgos Kallis (with Research & Degrowth )

Degrowth is a call to decolonize the social imaginary from the ideology of a one-way future consisting only of growth . Degrowth is not the same thing as recession. It is the hypothesis that we can achieve prosperity without economic growth

Degrowth offers a new narrative for a radical left that wants to go beyond capitalism, without reproducing the authoritarian and productivist experiences of real existing socialism (or what some may call “state capitalism”).

In what follows we present 10 proposals that we wrote for the context of Spain and Catalunya, and which we submitted to progressive political parties such as Podemos, the United Left, the Catalan Republican Left, CUP or Equo . The context to which these proposals refer to is specific; but with certain amendments and adaptations they are also applicable elsewhere and relevant for radical Left and Green political parties all over Europe.

Download a printable copy here:  English     French



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